Norman Micro Pomeranian for Sale

Norman Teacup Pom

Name: Norman
Breed: Micro Pomeranian
Color: Chocolate
Gender: Male
Size max: 2.5LBS

Price: $8,400.00

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Amazing doll-like teacup Pomeranian for sale. a face teacup Pomeranian for sale with a short little nose and square compact body. This teddy bear type teacup Pomeranian for sale has super lush thick chocolate coat. This chocolate color coat quality is once in a lifetime. Micro-sized teacup Pomeranian is flawless and named as a. You will never go wrong adding this mini Pomeranian for sale to your story We offer a beautiful selection of the best quality and a healthier micro mini Pomeranian. Call or text us to buy small micro Pomeranian puppies.
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