Fenty Teacup French Bulldog for Sale

Fenty Mini Frenchie

Name: Fenty
Breed: Teacup French Bulldog
Color: Cream
Gender: Female
Size max: 10LBS

Date of Birth: 9-May-22

Price: $12,400.00

Fenty will melt your heart with her big eyes and chubby, wrinkly body. She is a gorgeous Mini French Bulldog and will turn heads on every street she walks down. You won’t be able to resist her sweet personality. She will have you wrapped around her little paw the second you hold her in your arms. She will arrive to you with full vet check and with her vaccinations up to date. Don’t miss out!


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We  always started to train our French Bulldog Puppies puppies  so be sure to order one because they are very important to have, it’s also good to continue the training so you have a well trained French Bulldog puppy  for the next 15 years.     The airlines take amazing care of the pocket size teacup puppies and the french bulldog puppies.     Please keep food and water next to the mini French Bulldog  puppy at all times.
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